Deandre Dean

Cyrosphere 9: Italian Version

Cyrosphere 9: Italian Version di

Ginger, who is now a parent. Find out what challenges she now faces while trying to balance work with motherhood.

Cyrosphere 8: Italian Version

Cyrosphere 8: Italian Version di

Years have gone by and now with Ginger expecting, things are going to be different. At least that is the plan. Find out if she can succeed with a normal life away from destiny.

Cyrosphere 7: Italian Version

Cyrosphere 7: Italian Version di

Ginger's life is happy, or so she hopes now that she is a godmother. She is building her career and her dating life will soon take a unexpected turn. And she must face a God. Read to find out all the details

Cyrosphere 6: Italian Version

Cyrosphere 6: Italian Version di

Ginger has brought back Shalice to help her find Stacey, but is that all she brought back? The past is still pressing issues in present day and now the future is threaten.

Cyrosphere 5: Italian Translation

Cyrosphere 5: Italian Translation di

With time, Ginger's life seems to keep getting complicated. There is a new big bad evil and the past is unfolding something dangerous.

Cyrosphere 4: Italian Translation

Cyrosphere 4: Italian Translation di

Ginger's life is getting more complicated with age and will she finally move on now that she is facing Feltus.

Cyrosphere 1: Italian Translation

Cyrosphere 1: Italian Translation di

Can destiny decide who Ginger Solis is or will she defy all that the prophecy says she will be. This is her story of being a hero and what it means to be a hero.

Cyrosphere 2: Italian Translation

Cyrosphere 2: Italian Translation di

Ginger found out the truth of her true identity and now continue reading what happens next in her story.

Darkness Never Fades 1/2: Italian Translation

Darkness Never Fades 1/2: Italian Translation di

Two parts in one book A story about what happens when FBI agent Cassie Irons get caught in the middle of a war of an unknown entity and ITF (an organization built of special agents and psychics) trying to keep order and balance. Learn her story and find out what happens next Cassie Irons is dealing with trauma from almost dying and trying to find romance in her work relationship as she tries...

Cyrosphere 3: Italian Translation

Cyrosphere 3: Italian Translation di

Ginger is changing as she gets older, falling in love and the world around her is not the same place she remembers it to be. Friends help shape her life, but mostly she is trying to deal with meeting Jensen, her biological blood father.

Incomplete Anthology 1: Italian Translation

Incomplete Anthology 1: Italian Translation di

this an a collection of books that I have written, complied in one book 1. Darkness Never Fades: Seasons of Darkness 2. Darkness Never Fades: Guardians of the ITF 3. Life's Little Joke 4. Life's Little Joke: part two 5. Thoughtful Collection 6. Thought Collection: The Sequel 7. All About Me: My Choice 8. Cyrosphere: Hidden Lives 9. Desire: English Paper 10. The Passion Within 11. Sh...

Incomplete Anthology 2: Italian Translation

Incomplete Anthology 2: Italian Translation di

A new set of stories/books to help save some cash here is the list of titles in this series 1. Stumbling Into Love: Confessions of a Romantic 2. Sequences of Glory 3. Miracles and Nightmares 4. Delightful Life Complications 5. Anzim 6. Raining Motor Twist 7. Destiny Unveiled 8. Mission's Worth 9. Forsaken Wit 10. Get It Together 11. Despair and Agony Never Go Away 12. Hidden Destin...