Mutual Rebirths

Rebirths occur sometimes spontaneausly, due to events which require radical changes: they can be wonderful for what life offers, or may cause desperation for unespected contingencies that wipe off everything, except dark visions of future.
Luck and diligence grant the opportunity to be born again as adults, keeping the memories of our past. In this case it is necessary that the memories concerning other people, stored in ourselves, concretely revive in order to avoid a mere reproduction of what we have been. The true rebirth needs other people's availability and the support of those we had an intimate relathionship with. If we pursue a rebirth without causing pain to anybody, we will be able to express feelings and deep desires: doing so, we will become truly adults, wiser and more sincere.
This collection of 50 poems accompanied by pictures, some of which in colour, is intended to stimulate thoughts about the world, the human relationships and the wonders that every person carries inside.

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