The rules are written in English and in Italian, But the meaning of each conjugated verb has the correspondent version in English, French and Spanish.

Although it applies special attention to the irregular and defectives verbs, the book includes samples of the three regular conjugations, the reflexive, passive and active forms, and the verbs, essere and avere.

Total verbs 414

179 fully conjugated

179 records (verbs) are fully conjugated in all tenses in this book, and 234

compound verbs are written in alphabetic order in window 1b or pages) 201 to 208

As a bonus, the book includes four poems, and the literary work “Reading the Leopard Leggendo Gattopardo” and four poems: La Verità The Truth, Solitudine Solitude, Emilia Emily, Friends Amici

and each is redirected to the record in which its respective model verb is in by the word “vid- see”, so that one has the tool and possibility to correctly conjugate 414

verbs, mostly irregular

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