Calaul lui Dracula

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Calaul lui Dracula
Corneliu Leu
31 maggio 2012
In the Romanian litterature, Corneliu Leu is wellknown as an author of historical novels, also as a real expert in the medieval history of the ruller-princes family named: Draculesti. For this reason, his book is one of the well-informed on the historical realities concerning the famous character of DRACULA, contradicting a lot of fictions provoqued by the Bram Stoker’s book
Although a modern novel addressed to the present-day reader, Dracula’s executioner features the following new elements:
1. The main character and the author of the pages writen at the first person is the real Dracula, ruling prince of Wallachia (15-th century) famous by its cruelty and its superhuman forces, but as a warrior, not as a vampire.
2. Other characters in the novel are the first master printers of Nurnberg and the kgnights of the last order of the crusades, the Order of the Vanquished Dragon, located in Frederick the Great’s castle, also the Pope Pius and Mohamed the second, Mathias Corvinus, Stephen the Great and the Executioner, which is a very good medium for the Dracula’s telepathyc mind and psychical forces to appear in different places in the same time and to have long distance capacities to communicate or to attack. In them telepathyc contacts and communications, both, the prince and the executionner, are a genuine unconquerable and sanguinary couple.
3. The fiction alternate with authentic documents. The artistical imagination of a lot of chapters alternate with historical documents of the time, which help reconstitute a genuine backdrop. Thus, the book draws closer to the non-fiction genre while the novel’s formula is much more modern and full of action.

It is the frightening story of
and the craftiness or the hold
with which his great handicraft of magnetism
and speech closed the distance
that, in our language today,
would require much more than just
Because it proved to be a very perfect weapon
unsettling and, in fact, killing
innocent souls together with unclean souls.

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