Le Mie Riflessioni Sul Rimpianto

My Thoughts on Regret is a short story that deals with the age old question of whether we should hold onto our regrets or if we should just let them go. The story starts out in Venice Italy, perhaps the perfect city for reflection because of the lack of cars and other modern distractions. One can imagine that for hundreds of years people have walked the canals of Venice and pondered life in the same ways. As the author walks he remembers how he was introduced to regret and why he had developed his specific rules as related to regret. Starting in Venice the author introduces people in the history of Venice and asked of the reader the question of the book; did the reader think that any of the Venetians mentioned regretted their actions, even if the actions led to death or imprisonment. Much can be thought of when walking the canals, the timelessness of Venice and perhaps this tale of how a son learned from his father's actions how to best deal with regret will capture you.

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