If you are happy (eng - ita)

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If you are happy (eng - ita)
Michela Muserra
Caracò Editore
If you are happy and you know it clap your hands is a little book of images and brief thoughts. Quick sentences that explore the answer to the question: what makes us happy?
With a soft sense of humor, each drawing takes us to a universal answer that sits deep in the heart of each one of us.
The main character of these drawings is a simple figure of a stick-man with a red heart drawn on his t-shirt. He wears it like a motto. Each illustration is drawn with a minimalist, almost primitive, style which mirrors the essence of the book’s message. This is a book for children and adults alike. The stick-man drawn by Michela Muserra reminds us to “Always listen to your heart.” It’s like a note, a Post-it in our everyday lives; this book is an invitation to celebrate life in each and every moment, good or bad, as long as we stay conscious of the fact that happiness cannot be found anywhere else, if not within ourselves.

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