NO STEPS ON THE SNOW (New Edition) (English Edition)

NATIONAL LITERARY AWARD "CIRCE 2013"- A psychological thriller that starts nowadays, but deepens its roots in 1968, during the student protest in Rome. THE PLOT:Francesco, a brilliant middle-aged oncologist signs in a social network while surfing the Internet. He bumps into the profile of the girl he was desperately in love with during High School ‘68, when a horrible homicide happened and the guilty was never to be found. His destiny intertwines in an unpredictable way with that of the girl, now a mature woman. Desperate passions and deep loves of a generation belonging to the past. A thriller that leads to a stunning end.

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Daniela Alibrandi

"NO STEPS ON THE SNOW AND ME"Daniela Alibrandi

NO STEPS ON THE SNOW AND ME: TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF - I am Italian and was born in Rome. In my adolescence I spent ameaningful time in USA, Manchester, New Hampshire. For family reasons I cameback to Rome, where I ended my classical studies. I'm married with two children and my life has always been full of "duties", like all mothers have. The house,the husband, the children and an interesting work as functionary in theEducational Field and in cultural exchanges. It was a great effort to manageall this. And in my soul I have always had inspirations that only asked tobecome stories, but there was never time for that. Until something happened... WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE YOUR FIRST BOOK? In 2008 an accident occurred to me and I was motionless for almosttwo months. My life suddenly stopped and, spending many hours alone in my flat,from which I could see each sunset on the Mediterranean Sea, I started torethink about my high school time, my friends. I felt that those passions werestill alive in me, together with the desperate feelings of that generation. Thestory came out and I wrote No Steps onthe Snow with my left hand, the only one that I could move. HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE TITLE "NO STEPS ON THE SNOW" FOR YOUR BOOK? I just thought about our life as to a great expanse of snow, that wetrample on during our living, on which we fall in the worst days we live, whilewe walk and walk. What if, at the end of our way, turning back we would realizethat we left "No steps on the snow"? DESCRIBE THE MAIN CHARACTER IN FIVE WORDS - Sorry, mean, passionate,mock, naive. WHAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST SURPRISING THINGS YOU LEARNED IN CREATING YOUR BOOKS? An author discovers many surprising things since he/she feels thatcaress in the soul that is the "inspiration". What most surprised me is how highan author is able to fly while writing. In fact, I realized that I was insidethe scenes and among the characters I was creating, I saw them moving around meand I was myself part of the whole. When I wrote the final chapter of "No stepson the snow", I wiped my tears without realizing I was crying. Writing is amagic. WHAT IS YOUR SCHEDULE LIKE WHEN YOU'RE WRITING? My work schedule is very simple. I just imagine a situation and startcreating something that gets its shape page by page. The truth is that I neverknow, at the beginning of the story, how it will go on and in which way it willend. DO YOU HAVE ANY RITUALS? Well, for me it's important to write always in the same place, thatis my studio, maybe because from that window I can see the Bay, with itsmagical scenery. When I need an inspiration I look at the sunset, discoveringthat each day dies in its own way, like every human being does. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? I always read a lot, a book after another. When I was thirteen Iread Hemingway's whole collection. Now I'm reading a book of an interestingDutch writer, Saskia Noort. The title is"The Fiver". DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING SPECIFIC THAT YOU WANT TO SAY TO YOUR READERS? A writer feels he/she has a mission, which is to conveystrong emotions and deep feelings to the readers. An author stays hours and hours alone,writing and creating, sometimes forgetting even to eat at lunch or dinner, ifthe story requires. What is the only reward that an author needs for all thiscommitment? A smile from a reader that enjoyed reading the book or, as ithappened to me, receiving a letter from a reader of No Steps on the Snow: "...I want to talk about myemotions, the ones that your book has caused me. How to start? Perhaps from thefeeling that has bound and imprisoned me since the first pages, from that deepsense of authenticity that I felt from the very first lines... I have seenmaterialized before my eyes the story described, and it didn't matter if I wassitting on the train or standing on the subway, wherever I was, I could feelthe moist air of the Tiber river, the warm rays of the sun, the scent of thesea....". A writer needs a return from the readers, that's his/her only realaward. Continua…

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