Mariegola della Scuola di Santa Maria della Misericordia

Layout: one column, 22 to 30 long lines; bounding and ruling lines in blind

Script: written in a Gothic rotunda, with fifteenth-century additions by various humanistic hands, in brown ink with red rubrics (chapter numbers effaced at the time of the ca. 1950 binding, not legible under ultra-violet light but retained in the TMA leaves)

Decoration: 2-line historiated initials throughout alternating pale pink or purple with acanthus into margins with gold balls, birds, animals, grotesques, historiated with saints and other figures, many of which illustrate the particular statute that follows, twenty-eight in all (of forty-two, according to Cheney; ff. 22v, 23 and 24 decorated in a slightly later floriate style). The 1392 decoration and miniatures have been attributed to Giustino del fu Gherardino da Forli (fl. ca. 1380, see Christie's 1994 catalogue), but given that this manuscript is known to have been completed in 1392, this attribution may be incorrect. Lyle Humphrey, who has studied the mariegola extensively, has attributed the decoration of the Mariegola to the Bolognese circle of Nocolo di Giacomo

For published description see: Berkovits, I. A Budapesti Egyetemi Konyvtar Dante-Kodexe s a XIII. es XIV. szazadi velencei miniaturafesteszet tortenete (Budapest, 1928), pp. 61-63

For published description see: Canova, G. M. "Manoscritti miniati veneti nelle biblioteche di Cambridge e Boston (Mass)." in Arte Veneta 29 (1975), pp. 97-104, see fig. 2 and p. 104, note 7. Consult curatorial file for further references

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