Un Titolo

Un Titolo explores the joys and pains of deciding to get into a massive amount of debts to attend and MSc in Management at a top Business School in London.
Through the torments and achievements of Alberto’s journey, Un Titolo takes you from from an exhausting unpaid internship in the province of Italy to inside a successful international management career at a Fortune500 company.
Un Titolo reviews with a self-critical attitude the biographical journey of the Author going through the desired status of being a Graduate from a top Business School through discovering his Dyslexia, his creativity, his willingness and ability to be an entrepreneur, through his career in Management Consulting and sales. Un Titolo explores how the MSc in Management that should have enabled Alberto to become a Business Leader, prevents him to do so by imprisonating him into a valley of debts for which the only way for him to get out of is to have a corporate career that leaves nothing within his soul.

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