De Profesie : Reporter de Investigatii

There is no such thing as free press !
This is the true story of an young man who start working as a journalist in a free country-Romania-right after the bloody coup d'etat that signed the death certificate of communism in Romania.
He will emerge to be one of the best investigation reporters from eastern Europe between 1990 1nd 2000.
This book is designed and written exclusively for Romanian readers.
He is the guy who published amazing stories about Nicolae Ceausescu's execution and death, his secret foreign bank accounts and political assassination ordered by the new heads of the Romanian secret services .
He is the one who closed in 14 days, using a single published story the UN Mission of Romania headquarters in New York,considered by the US Government in 1992 as a nest of spies.
He tells his story in a simple way, fluent with humor and self irony.
An unique book about about the twisted and dirty world of Media.

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