Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) (English Edition)

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Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1) (English Edition)
J.J. Sorel
"A real page turner it had me hooked from the start with an intelligent plot and racy prose." ML H.
I lowered myself onto the lavish, silk-covered chair. Swallowing tightly, I peered down at my badly ironed, outmoded office-girl get-up.

How could an ordinary girl with an unnatural fondness for vintage clothes and art find herself amongst a room of hopefuls looking more like supermodels? 

The boss's name was a mystery. But judging by the opulent surroundings, he was filthy rich with impeccable, old-world tastes.

The following day, my life changed, from impoverished art history grad to someone with a charge account and company car.

And then there was my hot new boss. 
Enigmatic and generous, Aidan Thornhill was insanely handsome. 

Then, one night on his yacht, it wasn't just my mind that I lost from that smoldering gaze.

As secrets and gossip emerged out of his shadowed past, I had to decide whether to run away from my dream job... or whether to remain in those strong arms.

Even in that antiquated green cardigan and mess of black hair stacked up in a sagging bun, Clarissa Moone took my breath away.

With a heart just as beautiful, Clarissa's soft, well-educated manner along with her curvaceous, classic beauty left me speechless.

Her inexperience should have made me run. Instead, I broke every rule in my book, and took control.

One gaze from those large dark eyes and my body, mind, and soul stirred to the point of no return.

There was much to risk. But I had to make her mine... even if it meant losing everything.
Clarissa Moone's a smart, quirky art history grad with an almost unhealthy obsession for vintage clothes. When she lands a job working for the enigmatic Aidan Thornhill, she doesn't quite know what to expect--but certainly not romance.
Aidan is a self-made billionaire whose early life is shrouded in mystery. Fleeing a scandal, he joined the army and, years later, returned from Afghanistan with a head full of bad memories and a million dollars left to him by a dead friend. Now, he's one of LA's wealthiest bachelors--and he's also smoking hot.   
But even this billionaire veteran didn't count on the voluptuous Clarissa. With rumors already circulating, Aidan breaks his golden rule: one steamy night on his private yacht, he seduces Clarissa. When he discovers her lack of experience, instead of running, he takes control. Things are about to get filthier than Clarissa ever imagined.
Aidan's dark past is never far behind. Determined to stir trouble, three figures--an old army comrade, a spurned ex-con, and a spoiled old flame with sharp claws--emerge to reap revenge.
Rising to defend his new lover, the former soldier charges headlong into battle, determined to have Clarissa even if it means losing everything, while she must choose whether to ignore the rumors and continue to bathe in Aidan's charms... Or leave her dream job.

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