The Nipple Conspiracy

Everybody loved and sucked the nipples, like Gandhi, Lincoln, Cleopatra, Mandela, Leonardo, Lady Gaga, Mozart, David Bowie Madonna or Maradona. Like any mammal on this planet, the first food receives it from a nipple. So what's so outrageous in that short headband? What happened in the last years? Why have we come back so much from personal freedom? What could be represented in art, even inside churches, is nowadays forbidden on social networks. Incitement to racial hatred, fake news, bloody images of war or skinned fur animals, yes, those are tolerated, but the nipple does not. Not anymore. And if behind this sudden rebirth of Puritanism there was a plot to manage our desires? The Internet, if I remember correctly, was born as the realm of knowledge, sharing and freedom. What the hell is going on? Today we have a day dedicated to anything, why not raise your voice, and t-shirts, and free our nipples for a more free, coherent and innocent future?

BE AWARE! This book contains nipples.

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