This story is of life for human beings in the year 2092. With continual discoveries in new medicines and alternative systems of healthy eating the life span of humans is reaching far beyond the working age of 120 years.

Thomas and Phoebe with the collaboration of their close friends Maia and Nicholas travel on a quest to uncover the two most important discoveries of their age. Human beings are about to travel through the universe. The two hemispheres governing the earth build a close alliance with the planet MARS. The biggest spaceship ever built – in the shape of a large shining egg, is the size of a small planet. On board is a representative from Earth. The people of Earth have named the ship The Star Discovery Arch and it will, when finished, fly on her maiden voyage through the solar system of BETA CENTAURY with the friends on board……

The author declares this tale, the places, the protagonist and their names that travel through this journey together is only fruit of is imagination – none can refer to any reality.

Author - GIANNI.A.

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