Beyond wants to investigate how the cities of future might be, by analyzing those situations that characterize our present.
Ideas, styles and trends overlap each other within the society, influencing our lives in many ways. City cannot escape from these dynamics, thus outlining a complex and various scenario.

A.Balmaseda Domíniguez - E.Acosta Pérez / A.De Bruycker / V.Bogri / A.Carmo / J. Carrico / C.Gonzalez - E.Golik / Z.Hankun - P.A.Rizzardi / T.Hashimoto - R.Pennat Rea - E.Fowles / Y.Jakkannavar / D.Longobardi /
S.McDowell / L.Selo/ T.Shafique/ J.Sordi / A.Tarr

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